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At the core of all human life is a need for food, water, air, shelter and family. Intrinsic to creating a shelter for these basic needs is to avoid danger and pain. In life, our desire is to optimize these basic needs and then excel far above them. We do this by replacing the pains we experience in life with more pleasure. And, we do this at any and all cost.

In an ideal world we accomplish pleasure in the form of protection for ourselves, family and loved ones at a basic level. We can only accomplish this by having a sense of control, over ourselves, loved ones and our assets.

So, we need to be honest. We demand control.

In the U.S. we are offered, but not guaranteed, a promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In this order, we are asked to undertake life, then liberty and the last item is the pursuit of happiness. And, to accomplish happiness, a more optimal approach is to reverse the order and focus on a purpose much greater than ourselves.

We call this


Danielle & Chad Reyes

Once upon a day, in a not so distant past, was a young man named Chad and a young woman named Danielle. The two children knew each other in middle school and became friends. By the time they attended high school, they were best friends. Years later, they did more than stay in touch, they were married.

If marriage wasn’t enough of a commitment, they went into business together. If going into business together wasn’t enough, they went into the insurance business. They had exhibited early signs of an astute and keen eye for listening to clients which separated them from other firms just selling products.

This journey began 30 years ago and is far more successful and secure today than ever before. Chad and Danielle have learned the emotional and intellectual discipline entailed in a establishing a powerful marriage. They have also watched the emotional rollercoaster many successful business owners and families go through toward building a strong family legacy.

A journey that began in 2003 as a traditional life insurance business has since evolved into something much more. Chad and Danielle only learned this by listening whole-heartedly to each other and even more to their clients. Their clients wanted more, a system directed towards generational planning and how to put their Family, First.

Successful families of today are looking for a trusted advisory team so, Mr. and Mrs. Reyes put one together. It is a team that assists clients with strategic navigation through lifelong personal and business decisions to alleviate family concerns.

Wealth & Legacy Group was born out of listening and a need to prepare the next generation with strategic intelligence and emotionally smart decision-making. This can mean reducing their total tax liability, not just for today but, for descendants yet to come. Thinking generationally is not just thinking in years but, for the love and care of future generations. We call these principles and discipline Family, First.

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of uncoached families lose their assets & family harmony following the transition of the estateto the next generation.

- Institute For Preparing Heirs


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